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3D Rainbow Window Film

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1 Piece
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This incredible 3D window film creates abeautiful rainbow effectas sunlight shines through. It's a gorgeous and unique decoration for any home and is an affordable alternative to other expensive options.
In addition to its beautiful effect, the 3D Rainbow Film reduces sunlight glare, blocking out 84% of UVB rays,helping to protect your skin, furniture, eyes, and TV screenfrom sunlight exposure. It transforms exposed light into a soft atmosphere
  • Universal Fit For Multiple Window Styles
  • Medium is Sized For 2-3 Windows
  • Large is Sized for 4-6 Windows


The Beautiful 3D Rainbow Effect

UV Light Control:


Block UV light coming through, helping to protect your skin and regulate the heat in your home

Multiple Effects:

As shifting as the seasons, different levels of natural light completely change the effect!

Enhanced Privacy:

Increased privacy. Beautify your home without shutting out the light and keeping your private life, private.

No Adhesives:

No Residue and no damage. Simply stick on and re-apply

Easy To Install:
  1. Measure Windows & Trim Rainbow Film
  2. Clean Glass
  3. Wet the Window Glass
  4. Remove the Rainbow Films Back Cover
  5. Install to Glass
  6. Squeeze out the Air Bubbles with Credit Card


  • Buy 1Piece (100 x 45cm / 17.7 in x 39.3 in)
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  • Buy 5Piece (500 x 45cm / 17.7 x 196 in)
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