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The Snacking Tool of the Future

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Let’s face it, in today’s hyper-productive world, who has the time to take a break for a snack when your worth is defined by your productivity? We as humans have advanced in so many ways from inter-planetary travel to bio hacking yet we have ignored advancing the ways we snack.

Enter Snactiv.

Snactiv is the future descendant of chopsticks. Like a non-permanent body modification, you simply install the tool by slipping it between your index and middle finger. 

Now pick up your snacks with Snactiv to keep your hands clean from cheese puff dust or potato chip grease and keep on doing things that actually matter like playing Fortnite,  being overly competitive at Settlers of Catan, buying stocks in GameStop, finally starting that Twitch channel that live streams the squirrels in your backyard, launching your beauty brand that sells CBD chapstick, making millions on NFTs or swiping right endlessly for all of eternity in hopes of finding the one. 

Snactiv was made by gluttonous product designers who are pretty much obsessed with snacking (no like really...they never shut up about it).

They’ve thought of everything when creating Snactiv.  Don’t believe me? Check out its features below:

Nothing says I am going places and I am a functional human being in society like taking your Snactiv and putting it in our custom carrying case and then going places.

Next time you’re at the Olive Garden,  just whip out your Snactiv case and watch your date’s jaw DROP.  Money-back guarantee.*

*We will not give you your money back if your date is not impressed.

Options are Light mode and Dark mode. Or what we like to call Not Goth and Goth.

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